Sniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough-Available Here

Sniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough is very helpful for you to play the game and if you read the walkthrough you will be able to play it carefully. This is an awesome game which is available for free and you can […]


Play Now Rail Rush Games

Do you want to pass some good time with an amazing game? Rail Rush Games are going to give you the real thrill that you are actually looking for. In this game you have to move your rail vehicle and […]

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Chaos Faction 3-Great Flash Game

Chaos Faction 3 is the game that is now available for free and on this game your duty is to kill the enemies that will give you lots of fun and you will really enjoy it. The game is very […]


Collect the artifacts in Totem Destroyer 2

Are you familiar with Totem Destroyer 2? If you are clueless about it, then let this article help you learn something about Totem Destroyer 2. This is actually an example of a flash game which is the second installment already from the game series called Totem Destroyer.

Totem Destroyer 2

This is a cute and fun game to engage with because of three reasons. First is because of the involvement of the artifacts from historical places which can be a good start in raising awareness about the importance of old and valuable stuffs in the entire world. Second is because of the easy controls that make the game handier to play and explore. Last is because of the great graphics that add up to the aesthetics of the game. The goal of the player who wants to deal with this game is to collect the artifacts on the dark block. You have to destroy the totem first before you can actually collect the artifacts. Make sure that you will not make them fall off the ground or else, you will have to retry the game.

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in Earn to Die 2014

Are you looking for a flash game that is about zombie apocalypse? Do you want something that is challenging but still related on it? If your answer is a yes, then you will be excited with the main topic of this article. There is a flash game about zombies and it is called Earn to Die 2014. This is the latest edition from the game series called Earn to Die.


This series has been very popular among gamers around the world because of three reasons. First is because of the involvement of zombies that most gamers are looking for in different entertainment mediums. Second is because of the incorporation of different cars that most people are very passionate about or dream of having one. Last is because of the weapons that are high technology and really powerful. Your goal in this particular edition is to reach the helicopter that can help you be finally free or escape the apocalypse that has been present for quite some time.

Defend the Crazy Castle at all cost

Do you want to play a game where you do not need strategies to win or techniques to solve puzzles? Just a game that you will enjoy and relieve you from all the stress around you or simply let time passes by. Play Crazy Castle then and have fun shooting the castle’s attackers. You are a great warrior summoned by the king to defend the castle. As you level up, more kinds of enemies come.


Before each level, you can buy your weapons and ammunition. You can also buy shield, bombs and points for the castle’s repair. You earn cash for every enemy you kill. Use your mouse to aim and click left button to shoot. Use left and right arrow keys of your keyboard to change weapons. Press spacebar to drop off the bomb. The game can be let to children for it does not really involve violence.

Solve the mystery in Wheely 7

A game series is very much preferred by many gamers because of two things. One is because it is longer which means there is no time for one gamer to get bored. Two is because it is evolving and improving for the benefit of the gamer’s satisfaction for entertainment. One good example is the game series called Wheely. This is now on its seventh serving in Wheely 7. Visit this game at It is so nice to see and experience the growth of a game series which only proves that it is very successful or it has been very much appreciated by many people.

The story in this seventh installment is that Wheely, which is the main character, goes to the bank to withdraw money. When he is on his way home, the bank got robbed. Wheely must play as a cool detective to find the criminal or criminals. There is a clue left from the criminal that can be a good start. Your goal as the player is to help the red car on his mission. Solve mysteries and puzzles while avoiding dangers on your way.


Be good at fishing with Fishing Craze

Fishing is one of the jobs that is popular in places near bodies of water. It is a good job or an activity for most people because this is the process where they can get food sources such as fishes, shrimps, lobsters and other sea creatures that are edible and safe. Fishing can also be a good business where one will be able to establish a farm for people to engage with and enjoy their leisure time with this activity. Fishing is also incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games.

Fishing Craze (2)

Fishing Craze (5)

In fact, this article has a great game for all the fishing enthusiasts out there. The name of the game is Fishing Craze. The mission or objective of anyone who will be engaging with this game is to simply catch the fishes in four different locations. Each location has a specific type of fish to catch which the players must follow. You should aim for the most number of fishes caught so that other fishers can’t caught up with you. There are three modes that you can play such as amateur, pro and elite circuits.

Help the protagonist in Sushi Cat 4

Sushi Cat 4 is the fourth installment from the game series called Sushi Cat. The great thing about this series is that the story keeps on evolving like in this fourth offering, sushi cat has adopted a cat to be their son and called him Sushi Jr. Sushi Cat and his wife decided to adopt to keep their relationship full of love and happiness. One day, they have decided to go on the fair and engage with lots of rides as much as possible. Unfortunately, Bacon Dog, who is the nemesis of Sushi Cat silently kidnapped Sushi Jr.

Sushi Cat 4 (3)

Sushi cat must find his son before it is too late. This is where the mission of the player who will be engaging with this game starts. You must drop sushi cat at the top of a board where lots of sushi are spread out. Make sure that sushi cat is able to eat all the sushi so he will gain weight and destroy the obstacles on his way. After that, he will be able to retrieve his son from Bacon Dog.

Tougher adventure ahead in Shift 4

The great thing about a game series is the continuity that it has since there are editions or installments to be released in the coming months or years that gamers will be looking forward into engaging. One good example is the game series called Shift. This is very popular and it is now on its fourth installment in Shift 4. Do you have an idea about this? If not, then you are lucky enough to be reading this article because the main topic here is the full game Shift 4.

This game is still created and developed by Armor Games. The goal of the players is still the same with the previous editions which is to shift between dimensions in order to move forward on the game. But this time, the space and places are tougher, tinier and very difficult to achieve. The players must be strategically good in using the Shift key to win in this game.


Learn the process of violin strumming with Violin Tuner

Music is very helpful for mankind in many ways. It can heal certain pains in the body by simply listening to it. It can also be a great passion that can lead to certain opportunities in terms of the performing arts. It can also calm and soothe the mind in times of stress and problems. One good way to learn music besides actual practice is through online applications. A good example is the Violin Tuner. Learning different instruments is fun and exciting just like the violin. To learn more about this game, just feel free to scan and skim this entire article.

Violin Tuner

Violin Tuner is an application that can be applied on computers and mobile devices. The goal of the player who wants to engage with this game application is very simple. There will be instructions flashing on the game screen which you have to follow in order to strum the perfect strings of the violin.

It’s an entertaining and unique racing game in Platform Racing 3

Are you familiar with Platform Racing 3? If you think that this is a racing game that involves vehicles like cars, motors and trucks, think again. This is not your typical racing game which makes it unique and stand out among others. It is the third installment from the flash game series entitled Platform Racing. There are two reason why it is fun to play. One is because of the fact that you will not be utilizing a vehicle but a character making it a unique racing game. Second is because of the features that you will experience or see in this game. Please rely on the next paragraph for more elaboration.


This is a unique racing game because one doesn’t need any vehicle to play this game at all. The main characters are the one who will be racing on the field. The player will guide and navigate their preferred player and then try to beat other racers as well. There are two modes in this game. One is the mode where you have to beat other racers while the second mode lets you beat the timer. If you want more information, just search for

Find Karl Von Toten in Covert Front 4

Do you enjoy playing escape games? Have you ever played any of the Covert Front series? Covert Front series are escape games full of adventure. It is about a pursuit of a scientist who went missing along with his work that could have ended the World War. And in this final series, Covert Front 4: A Spark of Life, the main character Kara had escaped from a Zurich prison and headed to Lisbon, Portugal. She is determined to find the missing scientist, Karl Von Toten.


Covert Front 4: A Spark of Life is a point and click adventure game. It is one of the hardest escape games you will find. The puzzles are a bit hard. Some items or clues are also hard to find. But even though, the difficulty of this game is just enough to challenge your skill in finding clues, enough to not make you feel bored.