Sniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough-Available Here

Sniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough is very helpful for you to play the game and if you read the walkthrough you will be able to play it carefully. This is an awesome game which is available for free and you can […]


Play Now Rail Rush Games

Do you want to pass some good time with an amazing game? Rail Rush Games are going to give you the real thrill that you are actually looking for. In this game you have to move your rail vehicle and […]

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Chaos Faction 3-Great Flash Game

Chaos Faction 3 is the game that is now available for free and on this game your duty is to kill the enemies that will give you lots of fun and you will really enjoy it. The game is very […]


scary maze game for smartphone

The Scary Maze game series is one of the most successful and popular scary games online. Each and every version will really give you the thrill you are looking for. And if you have enjoyed playing them on your desktops, you will surely love playing them on your smartphones. You can download the apps through your Google Plays.

Scary Maze Game 2 (4)

Play Scary Maze Game by Purple Man Games is a collection of Scary Maze games. Some of them are Scary Maze game 1, Scary Mouse and Cheese, Scary find the difference and more. However, only one Scary Maze game is unlocked at the beginning. Not to worry though, simply collect stars to unlock more Scary Maze games. You can find it at

Another Scary Maze game app you can have in your smartphones is the Maze Game Horror Prank by Knoxapps. It is also called as the Exorcist Maze Game. If you are up to pranking your friends, this would be a perfect game to share with them. You can find this app at

If you want to play more Scary Maze Games, another Scary Maze game app you will enjoy is the Scary Maze Games by Hanrian. It is one of the most popular prank games online and it is called the Exorcist Maze Game too. You can also find it at

All Scary Maze games have one rule: never ever touch the walls of the maze as you cross to the other end. That will end the game instantly and you will have to start all over again. And who knows, you might get the surprise of your life. When you play, make sure to turn the volume up and use headset or earphones to get the best ambiance. Remind your friends with whom you are sharing the game to do the same.

Neon Rider World

Do you like riding motorcycles? Or are you in awe of those who can even do tricks with motorcycles? Are you fond of action adventure games? Then, have fun in playing the game Neon rider for free.

The game Neon Rider is about motorcycle racing. And from the name itself, you are a racer who’s wearing neon gears and riding on neon colored motorcycle. You are to set your own time record in each level of the game. There are twenty electrifying levels to set time records and probably beat each record afterwards. How fast can you cross each level?

Thrilling and exciting as it may seem, there are tons of obstacles to overcome. You will be doing a lot of tricks too. You must learn to make your motorcycle jump from high places landing on two wheels. You must also learn to make your motorcycle jump a lower place to a higher place. There are a lot of times too that you will be jumping between two places too far away from each other. On the bright side, it would be self-satisfying to overcome these obstacles and even to beat your own record. And it is very simple to control your motorcycle. You simply use the Letters A, S, W and D keys from your keyboard.

Neon Rider (2)

What is more exciting is that you can play Neon rider for free. There is no need of an account to login or even to create one. There are no club memberships or so. There is nothing to pay just to be able to play it. There are also no in-game purchases to be made. So, do not be tricked if you are being asked to pay for the game or to login or join first. You can find Neon rider for free in many gaming websites.

Ten stages of Vex

If you are looking for an action-packed adventure game, the perfect game would be Vex. Spend your free time with this challenging quest. Run, jump, swim, slide as the need arise when you venture in each level while looking for the exit door.


In the first version of Vex begins with the Tutorial Stage. It will make you familiarize with the controls of the game. You will be taught how to make the stick figure run, jump, slide, and swim and do acrobatic acts. You will also learn some techniques on how to survive in the game. The Tutorial Stage is also the introduction of the game, so will know more or else how the game works.

Also in the first version, you will experience your adrenaline rush in eight Acts. Be very careful as you go through each Act. A lot of deadly obstacles are scattered along your way. Make sure not to touch them or be caught. You have to avoid them all. One touch, no matter how little, will make you die instantly. Although not to worry, as long as you have run through the checkpoints, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed. Checkpoints are marked by flags usually positioned before or after a hard move.

There is also a bonus stage after the eight Acts. It is probably the easiest among the Acts, probably way lot easier than the Tutorial Stage. That is the Credit Stage. The names of the game developers and their support team will appear as you go through to the exit door.

There are two modes to play the first version. The first mode is the pre-developed game made by the game developers. The second is the Stage Builder mode where you can create your own stage. It is where you can construct a more reasonable Act or make an almost impossible one. It all depends on your creativity and imagination. Only, in the first version of Vex, you have to play the pre-developed game first to unlock builder packs. The more builder packs you unlock, the more building tools will be available and so the more creative you can construct a stage.

Elimination of evil wards is a must in Kingdom Rush 3

When it comes to themes in entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games, the Medieval Period or Era has been the most consistent to be incorporated. There are three reasons why. First reason is because this era is so classic and calm where life seems to be simple but happy. Second reason is because this is the time where Kings and Queens are prominently ruling the kingdoms. Third reason is because the vibes and environment of this period is very relaxing and at the same time, entertaining. This content that you are currently reading features a game called Kingdom Rush 3.


This is the third installment from the game series with the same title minus the number three on it. This is a game where magic and Kingdom exists. You are the one who needs to lead the defense troops of your kingdom and will have to utilize certain magical powers in order to stop the invasion of evil enemies. Since the battle is between good and evil magic, you must be able to unleash the greatest positive magic ever to win.

Observe the wind meter constantly in Golf Jam

One of the most in demand sports/ leisure activities among the rich and famous is Golf. There is something in this sport that some people really love especially if you have money. The reason why money is very important in this sport is because of the equipment that you need to buy in order to play plus the venue which is high-class due to the structure. That is the main factor why only few people are able to play it. Fortunately, there are flash games about this sport which aim to provide entertainment to gamers as well as experience this lavish sport in a virtual medium.


One good example is the game called Golf Jam. The things that you will have to do in this game is to play the sports as it is in real life. Your goal is to shoot the miniature balls on the holes in each level. You must also be aware of the factors that can affect your playing process such as the wind. You should shoot at the right timing and swing.

Release A Curve Ball and win the game

Step up your sport games a notch and try out Curve Ball. Experience 3D ball game with just a click of a button. The goal of the game is to get the ball across to opposing side’s goal. There are no power ups or magic in the game. So the only thing that you will do is to not let the ball get past you. Play in a three-dimensional space, with a single ball.

You will be the one who will serve the ball by click on the left click button of the mouse, after the ball gets going, there will be no more other controls than maneuvering the mouse. You will have 5 lives in total, which in any point of the game will not increase or regenerate. Meanwhile the opposing player has 3 lives, after getting the ball past the from either player, he will be deducted a life. You can proceed to the next level once all the lives of the opposing player is gone. You need hand and eye coordination as well a great vision for you to be successful in this game. As the title implies, doing a curved ball is the most effective way to win a match, you have to hit the ball in the right time on the side of your board to do this. Doing a curved ball will not only make the trajectory of the ball follow an arc, but will give you more points. There is also the super curved ball which is harder to execute wherein you have to hit the ball while you move your board to a direction, the arc of the ball will depend on the direction where the board is going. Of course, super curved balls give higher score, and give you higher chances to score from an enemy.

Curve Ball is a fun casual game, that doesn’t require a lot of time from the player, the developers could have at least added a multiplayer mode so you can enjoy the game with your friends. However, you will still have a lot of fun playing it in solo mode, you can check the game in

Curve Ball (2)

Now feel the wrath of the pigoens in Pigeons’ Revenge 2

Had fun throwing rocks on pigeons? Now its their time to throw something to people, and it is not something you would like to know. In Pigeon’s Revenge 2, play as the pigeon that is making the revenge for his fallen comrades. Annoy the humans! And make them pay for what they have done to our feathered friends. You play as a sitting pigeon on top of street posts and your goal is to annoy people that are walking past by. Use the mouse to move from left to right and click and hold to control the power on how far you are to throw the package.

Pigeons Revenge 2 (1)

There is a number of people you must annoy before moving on to the next stage, failure to do so after you use up all the packages means game over. Be careful with some children that are trying to hit you with a rock using a slingshot, each rock that hits you will reduce your health points. If your health points get down to 0 then it’s game over for you. You can make them run away by throwing a package on them twice. Pigeon’s Revenge 2 is one fun game that also teaches us that we should not harm animals or else we would wake up one day they are throwing packages to us.

Hit the bullseye again in Ultimate Bullseye 2

If you are indeed a good archer prove it again by playing Ultimate Bullseye 2. In this game, you are going to use a ballista and not a bow and arrow. A ballista is a huge crossbow in a wheel. Your ultimate target is to score as many as possible through hitting the bullseye using your ballista. Do not expect that hitting is really that easy.


There is a bee which will move your target in every round. Try hitting the bullseye in ten shots given to you. Just use arrow keys in aiming and hitting your ballista. To determine the power of your shot in every turn, you just have to press and hold the spacebar on your keyboard. In every bullseye made, you are given a score of ten and a bonus power ups. You also have another three bonus shots if you made a hit in your last try.

Damage experiment is a must in Flakboy 3

Are you familiar with the flash game called Flakboy 3? It is a unique game because of three factors. First is because of the features it has that will surely amaze and entertain gamers around the world. Second factor is the objective or mission which is sort of not the usual goal such as defense and offense which you will eventually know after reading this article because you can find out more here. Last factor is because of the main character which is Flakboy. To know all the answers to your curiosity, read the whole content.


The player’s objective in this game is to test a certain experiment to Flakboy. It is all about causing great damage towards the boy. There are more weapons, levels and modes since this game is already the third edition or installment. See if Flakboy can survive the pain and damages that you will bring towards him. The success of the weapon test program will depend on your performance. If you are looking for the place where you can play it, just click now!

Efficiency and strategy are must with Star Baron

One great type of a flash game that has been giving tough but worthy entertainment to gamers around the world is a strategy game. There are two main reasons why it is slowly but surely getting your attention and others as well. First is because of the challenge it presents which really tests one’s capabilities in certain aspects of the gaming world. Second is because of the fact that it improves or enhances one’s ability to think efficient and correct.


Star Baron is a good example under this flash game category. This is a strategy game setup in space which will surely get the attention of people who are passionate about the outer space. Your goal as the player of this game is to protect and develop your star system. You should build star ships and defense satellite while strategically defeating your opponent’s own star system. This game is perfect for people or gamers who are in love with the outer space and dream of reaching it one day.