Sniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough-Available Here

Sniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough is very helpful for you to play the game and if you read the walkthrough you will be able to play it carefully. This is an awesome game which is available for free and you can […]


Play Now Rail Rush Games

Do you want to pass some good time with an amazing game? Rail Rush Games are going to give you the real thrill that you are actually looking for. In this game you have to move your rail vehicle and […]

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Chaos Faction 3-Great Flash Game

Chaos Faction 3 is the game that is now available for free and on this game your duty is to kill the enemies that will give you lots of fun and you will really enjoy it. The game is very […]


Match the spells in Spell Blazer 2

Magic has been incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games because of two reasons. The first reason is because Magic is not proven true or hoax which makes people interested as well as amazed with it. Second reason is because it somehow gives us the idea of fantasy and endless imaginations.

Spell Blazer 2

There are flash games that focus on magic and one of them is the one called Spell Blazer 2. This is actually the second edition from the magical game series called Spell Blazer. It has a story which is about a boy named Kaven. The player will tackle the role of Kaven in this game. Kaven wants to be a good magician and wizard that is the reason why he joined a sorcery school. But the enemies are fast approaching and Kaven must do something to defeat them despite his inexperienced. He must match three spells in order to create a powerful potion that can defeat enemies such as dragons, ogres, jumbo shrimps and others.

Entertain the monkeys in Monkey Go Happy 2

If there is one animal that closely resemble the features and actions of humans, it will be the monkey. As we all know, a monkey is one of the most intelligent and advanced animals in terms of thinking and features. In fact, there is a theory that states that humans evolved from them which is not fully given distinct evidence up to now. This animal is clever and tricky at most times since they are used to survive in the harsh environment of the jungle or forest. Nevertheless, this has been one of the well-incorporated animals in movies, television series, and flash games.


Monkey Go Happy 2 is one of the flash games that incorporate monkeys as characters in it. The mission of the player in this game is to entertain the sad monkeys in each level. They are sad because of unknown reason. The player must keep them entertained and busy by following the instructions in each level. The player can engage with 15 levels. This is a game about patience and following the instructions correctly. Its main webpage is

Show Your Physics Knowledge In Cheese Barn!

Cheese Barn is a very charming game and your character is sweet little mouse who need to reach his cheese. This is also a physics based game and it requires some of your knowledge. So you need to move some objects from his way so he can reach the cheese and eat it. At every stage there will be different task for you to complete.

Cheese will be places on different place and need to think of a good strategy to clear the way to the cheese. Your mouse can jump over some blocks but not all. And if you find it difficult, don’t worry, because in the beginning you will have a tutorial to help you get familiar with the game controls and strategies. You will move objects and a mouse with your mouse, so it won’t be hard for you. So visit the website and take the challenge!

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Survive the festive maze in New Year Maze Game

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are two of the most celebrated season every year because of two things. One is because these are festive in terms of the weather, vibes and the feelings of the people. Second is because these are the days where all can spend time with their loved ones without thinking of other work or stress related activities. There is a flash game that tackles both season and it is called New Year Maze Game.

It is also called Scary Maze Game 5 but for the celebration of the year, it stick with its original title. This is specially designed and created by the Scary Maze Game site. The designs of the maze are Christmas themed such as Christmas trees, candy canes and Santa Claus. The objective of the player is to guide the pink dot from the start through the maze until it reaches the FINISH line area. The last maze has a design of Santa Claus and if you are successful, he will give you a treat that will surprise you or scare you to the extreme. If you want to experience this game, feel free to visit

new year maze

Destroy the brain in Coal Runner 2

If you enjoy playing racing games, you will surely like Coal Runner 2. You were one of those employed by Subturrian as a miner. Subturrian is the most ruthless corporation on earth. You were tasked to mine coal which they used in their experiments on how to control mind. Your health was compromised and what remained of you was put in a robot. With the increase of those uprising against this mind controlling corporation, you aimed to take the corporation down and end their mind controlling deed.

You have to destroy the main brain and destroy the mine too for good. Use the arrow keys to control the robot. Coal Runner 2 is an action and adventure game. Some moves are seemed impossible but that is where strategy comes in. Can you help the robot survive to kill the main brain and destroy the mine?

Coal Runner 2 (4)

Finish all the levels using Chaos Faction Walkthrough

CHAOS FACTION is an action packed game that is entertaining and equally thrilling. This multi player game consists of 3 modes that includes Campaign mode which challenges the player to combat the leader of an arena. The Death Match Mode requires the players to be the leaders. The players should design their teams, settings or rules. The last mode is all about surviving. With 5 lives, the players will fight their enemies who have just 1 life.

chaos faction walkthrough (5)

The game is accessible to the gamers at has easy controls. The arrow keys enable the players to move up or down and from right to left. The special attacks to combat enemies are done through Z and X keys. CHAOS FACTION walkthrough enables the players to get familiar with the general factors about the game so that they can completely get involved in the game when they play.

Can you survive in Deaths Embrace Escape

Do you like to solve puzzle games? Are you fond of mystery games? Do you love finding items and clues to progress in your escape? Enjoy another escape game in Death Embrace Escape. You woke up remembering nothing; you are in a laboratory with blood everywhere. No one is around but you can hear screams. Can you find your way out?


Search items and clues to solve the mystery. Deaths Embrace Escape is a point and click puzzle game. It is a not an easy game but will definitely not bore you. And if you really got stuck, the walkthrough is available for you to check once in a while. One difference of Death Embrace Escape from other escape games is the mouse pointer, it does not change to a hand on items that you can pick up, making the game more challenging.

Last stage in This is the Only Level

Are you looking for a game to kill time? Do you want to play some crazy puzzle game? Bend your mind, exercise your cleverness. Help the poor elephant in This is the Only Level. True, the game has only one level. But do not be deceived, it may only have one level, but it has a never-ending stage.

This Is The Only Level

All these stages has one and the same puzzle, they only change in the rules. These stages are bending control rules. One inverted the use of the arrows; the other one rendered the arrow keys useless and you have to use the mouse instead; one did not let a key for jumping, and another only allowed one leap. Can you help the poor elephant surpass each stage? This is the Only Level is a fun mind-bending game. It requires logic and a lot of thinking.

Help The Mouse In Cheese Barn!

In Cheese Barn you need to help sweet little mouse to reach his cheese. This is actually a physics game where you need to solve certain problems in order to reach the cheese. But the good news is that you can do it only with clicking your mouse. Other good news is that, if you are a beginner, a very useful tutorial will follow the first stages of the game. It will help you get familiar with the game itself and what you need to do.

Besides this, the game is very fun and very challenging. As you progress, problems will be harder to solve, of course. What you need to do is move the boxes and other objects from his way so he can jump and reach his favorite food. Graphics are colorful and charming, as well as the music. So visit the website and try out this amazing game!

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Find A Good Strategy In Truck Loader 4

This fourth version comes back offering even more thrill for you! This is so challenging game and at the same time very addicting. Maybe you already know the goal of Truck Loader 4. It is to load a truck with some cargo! Even if it sounds simple, it isn’t. You need to use you physics knowledge if you want to play this game. You can use the cheats on the internet, but if you do game stops to be so challenging. But if you like to make a strategy and to tease your brain, try to play this game alone and figure it out. Sometimes it will be hard to load a truck because of different obstacles. There can be just one box to load, or more boxes. However, you can find them at different places and use platforms and other items to help you reach the box and carry it to the truck.

truck loader 5