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Destroy the brain in Coal Runner 2

If you enjoy playing racing games, you will surely like Coal Runner 2. You were one of those employed by Subturrian as a miner. Subturrian is the most ruthless corporation on earth. You were tasked to mine coal which they used in their experiments on how to control mind. Your health was compromised and what remained of you was put in a robot. With the increase of those uprising against this mind controlling corporation, you aimed to take the corporation down and end their mind controlling deed.

You have to destroy the main brain and destroy the mine too for good. Use the arrow keys to control the robot. Coal Runner 2 is an action and adventure game. Some moves are seemed impossible but that is where strategy comes in. Can you help the robot survive to kill the main brain and destroy the mine?

Coal Runner 2 (4)

Crush Zombies in Earn To Die

Zombie has been a popular theme incorporated in different entertainment aspects like movies, television series and now in flash games. There are three reasons why it is a hit among a great number of audience and gamers. One is because of the mystery behind the creation of this creature. There is no evidence yet of their real life existence and that somehow adds to the excitement among curious minds. Second is because they are meant for entertainment and last is because of the fear that they bring among us that enables us to be aware of life as it is. There is a game that involves Zombies and it is called Earn to Die.
The story of this game is that you are in a zombie apocalypse in a desert. As the player, you need to strive for survival by bumping, crushing and smashing zombies using three different vehicles. These are the small hatchback, old pickup truck and a cool heavy pickup truck. Unleash your driving and smashing skills as much as possible so that you can find a safe place to stay. Finish this wonderful game and look forward to more adventures.


Some awesome action in Redline Rumble

Are you ready for another racing game that will blow your mind away? Ready to engage in high-speed and ultra fun racing games? If you said yes and yes to both questions, then you’re ready to play Redline Rumble Revolution. This game is same as the previous version but only better and with bigger action scenes! You get to choose from 8 cars and you get to customize them as you go. Unlock cars and buy upgrades by winning and completing various of races. No link is provided for the game but it’s fun. That’s why it’s worth the effort to look for a site to play this game on.

Redline Rumble Revolution is a very fun and exciting game. Though there is no link available, don’t let it stop you from playing this awesome game. Find the game now and play it! You’ll have fun, for sure.

Redline Rumble

Fly the plane in stunt pilot 2

Many people nowadays take care of their health, and they are not ready to compromise on it and do their exercises daily without leaving themselves lazy. This game named stunt pilot 2 relates to your health, where you will see some very attractive stunts and you can learn how can you make yourself healthy and fit. Just focus on the activities done by the character and learn them properly and do your practice in your free time, but keep in mind that don’t try them without taking a complete training from your teacher or instructor.
However, this game will be played using a plane and you will need to perform some normal and extremely advanced stunts to achieve the goal of this game. Simply use the arrow keys to change the direction of the plane. Try now and enjoy it.

stunt pilot 2

Run fast in Earn To Die 4

Get ready to enjoy the latest and the final version of a famous and popular series Earn To Die, at called Earn To Die 4. You will see here the character is running from the zombies and trying to reach the military base. A plane has been board by him to go away from the dangerous place. The character, after the plane has been destroyed, has no choice but trying to reach the near town to make himself secured and safe from his enemies.
In this edition earn to die 4, you will see many links created on the main screen of the game, such as play, more games, and some other links. A bus, a character on its roof, and another character running before that bus are created that make a scary situation for the players especially for kids. This version Earn to die 4 contains 3 cars, the station wagon, and some other vehicles. Don’t worry about the trucks as there are no trucks in this version, so you have no need to drive them which is very difficult job especially to achieve the target line. Get ready to have fun and try to kill the zombies as many as you can.

Earn To Die 4

Sunset Racer 2-Have Fun

Sunset Racer 2 is a great racing game and here you will have to drive your vehicle very fast so that you can win it easily. You must drive your vehicle very fast so that you can win the game very easily. You have to use the right car so that you can win it.
Sunset Racer 2 is a free game which will give you amazing time. Here you must control the vehicle properly so that you can win the game and it will give you awesome time. The game is really great and you will have excellent time with it. The game graphics is really high and you will be able to pass amazing time with it. You can play the game online whenever you want and it will give you nice time. You can play it whenever you like and you will have nice time with it.


Play Now Rail Rush Games


Do you want to pass some good time with an amazing game? Rail Rush Games are going to give you the real thrill that you are actually looking for. In this game you have to move your rail vehicle and take it to its destination. You can play the game here
Rail Rush Games are really very good to play and for passing some good time you must play it. You can enjoy the real fun of moving a rail vehicle in this game and it will give you awesome time. You can play the game online for free and you will really enjoy your time with it. There are several installments of the game and it will be really a pleasing time for you. You can try the free games online whenever you want and you will be very satisfied with it. Try it right now and enjoy your day.

Ultimate Stunt Champ-Challenging Game

Ultimate Stunt Champ is a bike stunt game; in this game you will face the most challenging path. Here you have to control your bike and go to the destination which is very challenging. You have to maintain the balance of your bike so that you can reach to the goal.
Ultimate Stunt Champ is a great game and it is very challenging as well. Here you have to go very carefully so that your vehicle doesn’t crash. Balancing the bike is really a difficult task. You have to maintain the body balancing of the bike. You can enjoy this bike stunt game online for free and obviously you will get fun from it. You will really love the graphical view of the game and it will be very interesting and time passing for you. You can play the game for free and you will have enjoyable time. Play it online right now.


Uphill Rush 5-Tremendous Racing Game

Uphill Rush 5 is another great game that has been published online to give fun to the players. Here in this game you have to choose your vehicle and then you have to go for the racing. It is a wonderful game and you will have fun from it.
Uphill Rush 5 is a good game to play and you will get the most unique taste from this game. If you choose your desired vehicle you will get more fun from it. The quality of the game is really good and so you can have fun from it. It is not very difficult to play because you have full control over your vehicle so you can have a great time from it. Just start to play and drive your vehicle wisely so that you can win the game. It is free and by installing the flash player you can easily play it online without downloading the game. But still you can download it.


Dismiss All Things-Traffic Slam 2

Traffic Slam 2 is a wonderful game which is really interesting and you can have the best time with it. In the game you have to control your car very quickly and by doing that you can easily win it. You can get big fun for ever in this online game.
Traffic Slam 2 is an online game which is a free one and you can play it online to have fun. You have to drive your car very fast so that you can easily destroy all the objects in front of you. The game has excellent graphical view and you can play it online to have lots of fun. If you drive your car very fast you can destroy everything you see in front of you. The sound system of the game is great and it can make the game more interesting for you. It is completely free for all and you can have the most exciting time with this awesome game.