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Best Zombie Game-Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 is the best zombie game available online as off now. The game is very simple to understand but difficult to play. You can drive a truck to kill the zombies. Your city is full of zombies and you have to kill them. Play it here for free.
Earn to Die 2 is interesting enough to play and it will be a good game to pass time. In the game you will actually be on a field and you have to drive the truck over them. There are lots of zombies and you will have only a truck at the beginning. You can upgrade the truck later with the coins you will earn from each of the levels. You must make it sure that you have enough fuel on your truck before you play it. If you run out of fuel at the middle of the field the zombies will eat your brain.


Watch Earn To Die 4 Walkthrough

Earn To Die is a zombie game in which you have to fight for your survival. It is filled with lots of action and is very thrilling. You just have to shoot and run over the zombies which come in your way. The game contains violent content, so it is not suitable for young children or for those with a weak heart. You can check the walkthrough of the game here and find out more about the game’s content. The game is quite easy in the beginning, but gets more difficult after a few levels. Completing the higher levels will not be easy for every player. If you get stuck at some spot in the game, then you can check out the walkthrough. You can see how to proceed step by step. The walkthrough will also give you hints. You will come to know how to complete each and every level of this game.


Wonderful Game-Duck Life 6

Duck Life 6 is a great online game which is available online for all the players and people of all stages can get lots of fun with this great game. Here in the game you have to train your duck to win the races. Play it online and enjoy your time.
Duck Life 6 is not the first installments; it’s the 6th one so you can realize how popular the game is! It has another five installments on the internet. The game is really very enjoyable so that everyone can have a very good time with this wonderful game. It is the game which is available online and you can pass a very good time with this wonderful game. The graphical interface is very good and anyone can enjoy this game a lot. Just start to play it online and you will be able to have a good time with this wonderful game.

Enjoy Uphill Rush 2

Uphill Rush 2 is the second installment which is a racing game where you have to race with some other vehicles. The concept of the game is very enjoyable and you will really get fun by playing it. Just click here to play and you can enjoy your time.
Uphill Rush 2 is a very wonderful one which can really make your time enjoyable. At the beginning you have to choose the vehicle then you can start racing. There are cars, bikes, trucks, boats, bikes and helicopters also in the game. The game is really a free one and you can enjoy your time a lot with the game. As there are many vehicles you have to choose them wisely so that you can enjoy your time. The game concept is very good and you will really get fun by playing it. Try this awesome game right now and you will have fun with it.