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Crush Zombies in Earn To Die

Zombie has been a popular theme incorporated in different entertainment aspects like movies, television series and now in flash games. There are three reasons why it is a hit among a great number of audience and gamers. One is because of the mystery behind the creation of this creature. There is no evidence yet of their real life existence and that somehow adds to the excitement among curious minds. Second is because they are meant for entertainment and last is because of the fear that they bring among us that enables us to be aware of life as it is. There is a game that involves Zombies and it is called Earn to Die.
The story of this game is that you are in a zombie apocalypse in a desert. As the player, you need to strive for survival by bumping, crushing and smashing zombies using three different vehicles. These are the small hatchback, old pickup truck and a cool heavy pickup truck. Unleash your driving and smashing skills as much as possible so that you can find a safe place to stay. Finish this wonderful game and look forward to more adventures.


Entertain the monkeys in Monkey Go Happy 8

Monkeys are said to be the ancestors of human in terms of features and actions although this is just a theory as of today. These monkeys are very intelligent just like us and there is no wonder why they are a cut above all animals. It is delightful to see that they have been incorporated in different mediums just like in flash games. One good example is Monkey Go Happy 8. This is actually the eight edition of the very successful and entertaining flash game series Monkey Go Happy. This version still has the same objective like the previous ones had which is to bring back the joy and happiness to the faces of the monkeys.
There are five major monkeys that a player should entertain. Use the mouse in moving in the game as well as shooting and solving puzzles. There are different animals which you can also play like horses and pigs. The number of levels presented is 25 which means more time and adventure to be played. Visit for more things to know about this game.

Monkey Go Happy 6

Fight the Human Onslaught in Cortex Fortress

Games involving battles, fights or actions have been appreciated very much by players because of three reasons. First is because it involves action where one will be able to battle for goodness and peace. Second is because it enables an individual to release stress, anger and anxiety in a virtual way rather than in real life. Last is because of the interaction present and booming in every game. If there is a unique battle game, it would be the flash game called Cortex Fortress. It is unique because it involves a pink brain as the main character which need to survive and fight against the human onslaught and their robot minions. The player will have to guide the pink brain in battling against enemies by using different weapons and upgrading such for a better performance in the game.
One must be strategic and logical in order to eliminate all the opponents. Cortex Fortress is a great flash game for individuals who love authenticity and uniqueness booming in their playing field.

Cortex Fortress (2)

Plenty of fun here at Scary Maze Game 4

In Scary Maze Game 4, you are presented with another fun challenge- overcome all of the obstacles and put the thread through the eye of the needle. Sounds easy, right? Yes, it sounds easy but it is not easy! It is actually a very fun and challenging game. The fourth installment of the Scary Maze Game game series surely does not disappoint. The game play is still awesome and the surprises that you get are still very surprising. If you want to know more about the game and have plenty of fun, click here:

What are you waiting for? If you are ready to have plenty of fun, then play Scary Maze Game 4 right now! You surely won’t regret it, that’s for sure.

Scary Maze Game

Float or Fly in Fly Away Rabbit

Animals have been one of the usual lead character or the protagonists in flash games available in different sites. There are reasons why animals are a hit when it comes to the gaming world. First reason is because of the usual familiarity about animals such as cuddly, cute and adorable which perfectly fit to kids and young adults. Another reason is because of the fact that they are lovelier to play than the usual human character.
Fly Away Rabbit is a game that involves a bunny or a rabbit.Fly Away Rabbit has one aim which is to make the cute bunny ride the balloon towards the cloud. Although the goal is simple, there are hurdles that will be set up to put a challenge to the players. He or she must be able to safely and properly remove the blocks in order for the bunny to fly away smoothly. One must be very cautious about removing the blocks because they can pop up the balloon and burst.

Fly Away Rabbit

Learn to play Run Ninja Run Games

Run Ninja Run games are very popular and enjoyable from all the players who want to see actions and fighting by ninjas. Need to learn more? Well, click for source to get more instructions about how to play run ninja run games. In these games, you have to help the brave ninja who is in the areas owned by his enemies, and your help would be by attacking his enemies that are very dangerous as well as your duty is to kill the carnivores that are hungry to eat the human as their primary diet.
Not only you will fight against those animals, but you have to fight with other hurdles that will come on the way. While you move, you will have some chances to collect the coins made with gold that will be located on the earth.

Run Ninja Run Games

Play and enjoy Make my Rainbow

In this new game called Make my Rainbow, you will see that this world is black and white. Now your challenge is to bring back the perfect colors of each one. You will have a recipe book, which should be colored successfully. So click and then color that book. The keyboard is not needed to control the game. Just use your mouse to play this game and reach the ending point. It is a very exciting game especially for kids. It will help them to develop their strategic way of thinking. It can also help them recognize colors as well as how to mix colors to create another color.
So, call your kids and play this game with them. By doing that, you will accomplish two purposes: the first one is to teach your kids different colors and the other one is to have a great bonding with them.

make my rainbow

Fly the plane in stunt pilot 2

Many people nowadays take care of their health, and they are not ready to compromise on it and do their exercises daily without leaving themselves lazy. This game named stunt pilot 2 relates to your health, where you will see some very attractive stunts and you can learn how can you make yourself healthy and fit. Just focus on the activities done by the character and learn them properly and do your practice in your free time, but keep in mind that don’t try them without taking a complete training from your teacher or instructor.
However, this game will be played using a plane and you will need to perform some normal and extremely advanced stunts to achieve the goal of this game. Simply use the arrow keys to change the direction of the plane. Try now and enjoy it.

stunt pilot 2

Enjoy and play Turbo Tanks

Do you like to play racing games on the internet? Love to have a trophy won at the car, vehicle or bus racing? Get ready to meet this desire because Turbo Tanks game has come now. More than 12 different stages or levels have been added into this game. If you need to perform a jump, just press the space key. An amazing music track will make you busy and happy while playing this addicted game. Make sure to perform some special actions when you on the third hill. That’s the place where you reach almost the ending, so press the space bar key now to jump.
This is a trick which you can use when the fuel closes to end. Use this trick to avoid being defeated by this game. Enjoy this perfectly created, updated, and presented game.

Turbo Tanks

Run fast in Earn To Die 4

Get ready to enjoy the latest and the final version of a famous and popular series Earn To Die, at called Earn To Die 4. You will see here the character is running from the zombies and trying to reach the military base. A plane has been board by him to go away from the dangerous place. The character, after the plane has been destroyed, has no choice but trying to reach the near town to make himself secured and safe from his enemies.
In this edition earn to die 4, you will see many links created on the main screen of the game, such as play, more games, and some other links. A bus, a character on its roof, and another character running before that bus are created that make a scary situation for the players especially for kids. This version Earn to die 4 contains 3 cars, the station wagon, and some other vehicles. Don’t worry about the trucks as there are no trucks in this version, so you have no need to drive them which is very difficult job especially to achieve the target line. Get ready to have fun and try to kill the zombies as many as you can.

Earn To Die 4