Control and guide the cute robot in Sneaky Dex

Robotics is a great product of high technology that has been positively affecting almost the entirety of the world. Robots are great help or tools in different industries and even in daily lives of most people. Without them, things might have been a bit slow in terms of action and production. But there have been issues revolving about robots taking over all of humanity’s skills and place in this world which is not true. Remember that humans invented or created robots which means we are still dominant in terms of thinking and skills. Let’s just appreciate their existence and help.


This article that you are currently scanning and skimming presents a game about robots. The name of the game is Sneaky Dex. The main character is named Dex, which is a robot. It will embark on an adventure in this game. Your mission as the player of this game is to control and guide dex throughout the games. There are 20 levels in this game. Each level has a requirement to meet in order to advance. The main goal is to reach the exit doors until the end.

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