Defeat the mutant desserts in Papa Louie 4

Papa Louie 4 is the fourth installment from the game series with the same title minus the number four on it. This is about Papa Louie who is a businessman. His business is booming due to the great food that he is serving. For the past three editions, the main character has faced tremendous dangers and eventually overcame them. In this fourth installment, he thought that all is well and his business is ready for operations again. But on the opening day, he suddenly disappeared and the customers thought that he was kidnapped by an enemy. The shop is also flooded with mutant food monsters.


Your goal as the player of this game is to help the customers save and rescue Papa Louie and defeat all the mutant desserts as quick as possible before they can even spread all over the city. If you forgot some details while playing, you can easily and freely go to this blog to refresh your memory.

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