Find Karl Von Toten in Covert Front 4

Do you enjoy playing escape games? Have you ever played any of the Covert Front series? Covert Front series are escape games full of adventure. It is about a pursuit of a scientist who went missing along with his work that could have ended the World War. And in this final series, Covert Front 4: A Spark of Life, the main character Kara had escaped from a Zurich prison and headed to Lisbon, Portugal. She is determined to find the missing scientist, Karl Von Toten.


Covert Front 4: A Spark of Life is a point and click adventure game. It is one of the hardest escape games you will find. The puzzles are a bit hard. Some items or clues are also hard to find. But even though, the difficulty of this game is just enough to challenge your skill in finding clues, enough to not make you feel bored.

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