Help the protagonist in Sushi Cat 4

Sushi Cat 4 is the fourth installment from the game series called Sushi Cat. The great thing about this series is that the story keeps on evolving like in this fourth offering, sushi cat has adopted a cat to be their son and called him Sushi Jr. Sushi Cat and his wife decided to adopt to keep their relationship full of love and happiness. One day, they have decided to go on the fair and engage with lots of rides as much as possible. Unfortunately, Bacon Dog, who is the nemesis of Sushi Cat silently kidnapped Sushi Jr.

Sushi Cat 4 (3)

Sushi cat must find his son before it is too late. This is where the mission of the player who will be engaging with this game starts. You must drop sushi cat at the top of a board where lots of sushi are spread out. Make sure that sushi cat is able to eat all the sushi so he will gain weight and destroy the obstacles on his way. After that, he will be able to retrieve his son from Bacon Dog.

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