It’s an entertaining and unique racing game in Platform Racing 3

Are you familiar with Platform Racing 3? If you think that this is a racing game that involves vehicles like cars, motors and trucks, think again. This is not your typical racing game which makes it unique and stand out among others. It is the third installment from the flash game series entitled Platform Racing. There are two reason why it is fun to play. One is because of the fact that you will not be utilizing a vehicle but a character making it a unique racing game. Second is because of the features that you will experience or see in this game. Please rely on the next paragraph for more elaboration.


This is a unique racing game because one doesn’t need any vehicle to play this game at all. The main characters are the one who will be racing on the field. The player will guide and navigate their preferred player and then try to beat other racers as well. There are two modes in this game. One is the mode where you have to beat other racers while the second mode lets you beat the timer. If you want more information, just search for

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