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Do you like riding motorcycles? Or are you in awe of those who can even do tricks with motorcycles? Are you fond of action adventure games? Then, have fun in playing the game Neon rider for free.

The game Neon Rider is about motorcycle racing. And from the name itself, you are a racer who’s wearing neon gears and riding on neon colored motorcycle. You are to set your own time record in each level of the game. There are twenty electrifying levels to set time records and probably beat each record afterwards. How fast can you cross each level?

Thrilling and exciting as it may seem, there are tons of obstacles to overcome. You will be doing a lot of tricks too. You must learn to make your motorcycle jump from high places landing on two wheels. You must also learn to make your motorcycle jump a lower place to a higher place. There are a lot of times too that you will be jumping between two places too far away from each other. On the bright side, it would be self-satisfying to overcome these obstacles and even to beat your own record. And it is very simple to control your motorcycle. You simply use the Letters A, S, W and D keys from your keyboard.

Neon Rider (2)

What is more exciting is that you can play Neon rider for free. There is no need of an account to login or even to create one. There are no club memberships or so. There is nothing to pay just to be able to play it. There are also no in-game purchases to be made. So, do not be tricked if you are being asked to pay for the game or to login or join first. You can find Neon rider for free in many gaming websites.

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