Observe the wind meter constantly in Golf Jam

One of the most in demand sports/ leisure activities among the rich and famous is Golf. There is something in this sport that some people really love especially if you have money. The reason why money is very important in this sport is because of the equipment that you need to buy in order to play plus the venue which is high-class due to the structure. That is the main factor why only few people are able to play it. Fortunately, there are flash games about this sport which aim to provide entertainment to gamers as well as experience this lavish sport in a virtual medium.


One good example is the game called Golf Jam. The things that you will have to do in this game is to play the sports as it is in real life. Your goal is to shoot the miniature balls on the holes in each level. You must also be aware of the factors that can affect your playing process such as the wind. You should shoot at the right timing and swing.

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