Sniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough-Available Here

Sniper Assassin 3 Walkthrough is very helpful for you to play the game and if you read the walkthrough you will be able to play it carefully. This is an awesome game which is available for free and you can […]


Play Now Rail Rush Games

Do you want to pass some good time with an amazing game? Rail Rush Games are going to give you the real thrill that you are actually looking for. In this game you have to move your rail vehicle and […]

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Chaos Faction 3-Great Flash Game

Chaos Faction 3 is the game that is now available for free and on this game your duty is to kill the enemies that will give you lots of fun and you will really enjoy it. The game is very […]


Dash your Way to Victory Sonic Free Riders

Sonic Free Riders is an action packed racing game based on Sonic Hedgehog series. It is a motion controlled racing game. The actions include bending your body to steer, some kicking motions to enhance your speed and you can also jump to perform awesome tricks that would lead you to advance in the game. In the game you can increase your level by collecting enough rings in each race to improve your stats. In Sonic Free Raiders there are also power ups that can be used by performing specific actions. Before, the characters in the game were divided by speed, flight and power class. In the game you can also perform some special moves if you are left out in the race. There are also different modes in the game like the Grand Prix, Time Attack and Free race. You can also play together with your friends in a multiplayer game. Lastly, the game offers voice recognition that allows you to control the menu using your voice. Play Sonic Free Raider today and experience a lot of fun!

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