Release A Curve Ball and win the game

Step up your sport games a notch and try out Curve Ball. Experience 3D ball game with just a click of a button. The goal of the game is to get the ball across to opposing side’s goal. There are no power ups or magic in the game. So the only thing that you will do is to not let the ball get past you. Play in a three-dimensional space, with a single ball.

You will be the one who will serve the ball by click on the left click button of the mouse, after the ball gets going, there will be no more other controls than maneuvering the mouse. You will have 5 lives in total, which in any point of the game will not increase or regenerate. Meanwhile the opposing player has 3 lives, after getting the ball past the from either player, he will be deducted a life. You can proceed to the next level once all the lives of the opposing player is gone. You need hand and eye coordination as well a great vision for you to be successful in this game. As the title implies, doing a curved ball is the most effective way to win a match, you have to hit the ball in the right time on the side of your board to do this. Doing a curved ball will not only make the trajectory of the ball follow an arc, but will give you more points. There is also the super curved ball which is harder to execute wherein you have to hit the ball while you move your board to a direction, the arc of the ball will depend on the direction where the board is going. Of course, super curved balls give higher score, and give you higher chances to score from an enemy.

Curve Ball is a fun casual game, that doesn’t require a lot of time from the player, the developers could have at least added a multiplayer mode so you can enjoy the game with your friends. However, you will still have a lot of fun playing it in solo mode, you can check the game in

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