scary maze game for smartphone

The Scary Maze game series is one of the most successful and popular scary games online. Each and every version will really give you the thrill you are looking for. And if you have enjoyed playing them on your desktops, you will surely love playing them on your smartphones. You can download the apps through your Google Plays.

Scary Maze Game 2 (4)

Play Scary Maze Game by Purple Man Games is a collection of Scary Maze games. Some of them are Scary Maze game 1, Scary Mouse and Cheese, Scary find the difference and more. However, only one Scary Maze game is unlocked at the beginning. Not to worry though, simply collect stars to unlock more Scary Maze games. You can find it at

Another Scary Maze game app you can have in your smartphones is the Maze Game Horror Prank by Knoxapps. It is also called as the Exorcist Maze Game. If you are up to pranking your friends, this would be a perfect game to share with them. You can find this app at

If you want to play more Scary Maze Games, another Scary Maze game app you will enjoy is the Scary Maze Games by Hanrian. It is one of the most popular prank games online and it is called the Exorcist Maze Game too. You can also find it at

All Scary Maze games have one rule: never ever touch the walls of the maze as you cross to the other end. That will end the game instantly and you will have to start all over again. And who knows, you might get the surprise of your life. When you play, make sure to turn the volume up and use headset or earphones to get the best ambiance. Remind your friends with whom you are sharing the game to do the same.

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