Solve the mystery in Wheely 7

A game series is very much preferred by many gamers because of two things. One is because it is longer which means there is no time for one gamer to get bored. Two is because it is evolving and improving for the benefit of the gamer’s satisfaction for entertainment. One good example is the game series called Wheely. This is now on its seventh serving in Wheely 7. Visit this game at It is so nice to see and experience the growth of a game series which only proves that it is very successful or it has been very much appreciated by many people.

The story in this seventh installment is that Wheely, which is the main character, goes to the bank to withdraw money. When he is on his way home, the bank got robbed. Wheely must play as a cool detective to find the criminal or criminals. There is a clue left from the criminal that can be a good start. Your goal as the player is to help the red car on his mission. Solve mysteries and puzzles while avoiding dangers on your way.


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