Ten stages of Vex

If you are looking for an action-packed adventure game, the perfect game would be Vex. Spend your free time with this challenging quest. Run, jump, swim, slide as the need arise when you venture in each level while looking for the exit door.


In the first version of Vex begins with the Tutorial Stage. It will make you familiarize with the controls of the game. You will be taught how to make the stick figure run, jump, slide, and swim and do acrobatic acts. You will also learn some techniques on how to survive in the game. The Tutorial Stage is also the introduction of the game, so will know more or else how the game works.

Also in the first version, you will experience your adrenaline rush in eight Acts. Be very careful as you go through each Act. A lot of deadly obstacles are scattered along your way. Make sure not to touch them or be caught. You have to avoid them all. One touch, no matter how little, will make you die instantly. Although not to worry, as long as you have run through the checkpoints, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have passed. Checkpoints are marked by flags usually positioned before or after a hard move.

There is also a bonus stage after the eight Acts. It is probably the easiest among the Acts, probably way lot easier than the Tutorial Stage. That is the Credit Stage. The names of the game developers and their support team will appear as you go through to the exit door.

There are two modes to play the first version. The first mode is the pre-developed game made by the game developers. The second is the Stage Builder mode where you can create your own stage. It is where you can construct a more reasonable Act or make an almost impossible one. It all depends on your creativity and imagination. Only, in the first version of Vex, you have to play the pre-developed game first to unlock builder packs. The more builder packs you unlock, the more building tools will be available and so the more creative you can construct a stage.

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